Our Sustainable Philosophy for OK State - Choose Reinforced Concrete & ICF

The Philosphy of the experienced team at Insulated Concrete Forms LLCInsulated Concrete Forms & More, LLC is striving enthusiastically to make building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma a more accessible, affordable & Green method of construction. Through product awareness & education, we are helping Architects, Contractors & Homeowners across the Great state of Oklahoma to discover the many benefits of building their next project with Insulated Concrete Forms.

Replacing the traditional flimsy wood stick framed home or commercial building with Insulated Concrete Forms, insulated slab and foundation systems & reinforced concrete results in buildings that are far stronger, naturally tornado resistant & safer, quieter, healthier and exceptionally energy efficient – all while enjoying the added benefits of lower monthly operational costs including heating, cooling and insurance. 

There is proven indisputable proof that homes built with insulated concrete forms, a Green Building material, actually cost less to own than the inferior traditional construction method.

The composite of ICF materials combined with steel-reinforced high strength concrete is a proven building system that is far superior to flimsy wooden sticks which can harbor insects, rodents, decay, bend, sway and burn.

Replacing the traditional stick framed method of construction with ICFs will allow occupants to live and work in buildings that are far stronger, safer, healthier, comfortable and energy efficient than heretofore experienced, plus they transmit less noise, aren’t drafty and are less expensive to operate and live in. 

Though initial Green construction costs with ICFs is slightly higher than the older traditional stick frame methods (4% to 6%), savings through lower insurance premiums, lower monthly utility costs and lower maintenance costs will more than cover the slightly higher monthly mortgage payment, often with the added benefit of additional money left over.

One doesn’t need to look far to see how poorly stick framed buildings have stood to the test of time or the unpredictable and often severe Oklahoma weather. Several times each year Oklahomans suffer devastating storms, high winds, tornadoes, grass fires and most recently, earthquakes.

Why continue to construct, live and work in buildings with decades of proof to be inadequate and a less than sufficient ability to keep you and your family safe in times of great danger? Homes and buildings built with insulated concrete forms have more than 50 years of proven history to be the safest, most cost efficient method available. If a method with this much history is proven to be stronger, safer, healthier, energy efficient and less expensive to live in, “Why are you still building and living in a stick framed home?

Building with ICF and Concrete gives you the StrongestSafest and Most Energy Efficient Home - Period! We are the only Building in Oklahoma to Pay your Heating and Cooling costs for a Year to Prove it! Find out more about our "We Pay Your Heating and Cooling Costs for a Year" Program here...

"Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Build Right, Build Safe, Build Affordable, Build to last for Generations!

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