Building a Home in Oklahoma? Save Every Month and Protect Your Family!

Cost Comparison of ICF & Concrete Home vs Stick Wood Built Home in OKC Oklahoma - ICF Homes Save You Money!

The Real Numbers Prove that Building with ICF & Concrete Saves You Money!

People often think they can’t afford a concrete built home, or think they might not like the appearance. THINK AGAIN!

Did you realize that Typical Total Annual Savings to live inside of the Strongest, Safest, Healthiest and Most Energy Efficient home available are over $1000 a year? Or that virtually any style of attractive home can be constructed from Insulated Concrete forms with a reinforced concrete core? 

As energy costs invariably rise, these savings will increase over time, as will the savings on maintenance. Not to mention the extra enjoyment you will enjoy from improved comfort, soundproofing & tornado resistance.

See Below How the Numbers Really Stack Up

Cost Comparison - 2100 Sqft Home in Oklahoma

Traditional 2 x 4 Stick Construction
Quad-Lock ICF & Concrete Construction
Cost of Home$262,500$278,250
20% Down$52,500$55,650
Amount Financed @ 4% Interest$210,000$222,600
Monthly Mortgage Cost$1,359$1,436
Monthly Energy Costs$210$42
Total Monthly Cost$1,569$1,478
Total Annual Cost$18,832$17,735
Total Annual Saving!

The Bottom Line - You Save Over $1000 to Live in the Strongest, Safest, Healthiest & Most Energy Efficient Home Available!

Additionally State Farm Insurance offers discounts ranging from 21% to 47% (Oklahoma HB1720)!

Why WOOD you consider building a flimsy stick home when You Can Afford to CHOOSE CONCRETE

We can work with Your Chosen Builder to Make This Happen, or we can look after your build from A to Z – and we are based locally here in OKC… As seen on NewsOK here! 

We even pay your Heating and Cooling Costs for a Year to Prove How Committed we are to Building with ICF and Concrete! Find out More here.


We are also committed to our community - If you or someone you know have suffered a loss due to a natural disaster caused by Fire, Wind, Water or Ice, we can help through our Operation Helping Hand. 


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