We Stand by Our Committment that Building with ICF and Concrete Gives You the Strongest, Safest and Most Energy Efficient Building

Insulated Concrete Forms and More OKC Pays Your Heating and Cooling costs for a Year to Prove How Energy Efficient ICF and Concrete Buildings areInsulated Concrete Forms & More, LLC has always said that building with ICF and Concrete will give you a home that is Stronger, Safer and More Energy Efficient - Period! 

We are the only custom home builder in Oklahoma that will Pay Your Heating and Cooling Costs for a Year to Prove it!

How it Works

Upon completion of the home and receipt of final payment, Construction Services of America, LLc agrees to pay the Owners the amount of annual Heating and Cooling Costs listed on the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) report.

To qualify for this program, Owners must agree to:  

  • Participate in an approved program that will conduct periodic inspections of the home during construction that insure all requirements are being met, meet blower door test requirements, meet duct leakage test requirements, generate an approved HERS report
  • Have all ICF materials and installation of ICF materials completed by Construction Services of America, LLc.
  • Be constructed with Quad-Lock QPX3 (R-28 or greater) ICF materials
  • Have a Climate Master Tranquility 30 or equivalent, Geothermal HVAC system with Desuperheater
  • Have an approved Broan ERV system installed that will meet ASHREA 62.2
  • Have one (minimum) 50 gallon Rheem Marathon water heater
  • Have an insulated unvented attic
  • Have windows with a U-Factor of .30 or less
  • Meet or exceed OG&E Positive Energy Program and HERS requirements
  • See a HERS Energy Rating Certificate for an ICF Home in Oklahoma here...Achieve a minimum HERS rating of 40 or less. View a HERS Performance Energy Rating Certificate for an ultra energy efficient ICF home with a HERS Rating of 40!    


Q: Does the home qualify if another Builder is the General Contractor?

A: Yes, as long as the listed requirements are met.

Q: Does it matter where the home is built?

A: Yes, the home must be built inside the state of Oklahoma.

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Insulating Concrete Forms are Stronger, Safer, Healthier, More Energy Efficient & Cost Less - with ICF & More OKC

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