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Green Building Products from Quad-Lock Building Systems ICF & Concrete ConstructionBuilding Green and Tornado Resistant with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) is Easy and Affordable

When building a single family home, multi-family building or a multi-level commercial structure, the advantages of building in Oklahoma with Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms are clear to see - especially as building to code with durable steel reinforced high strength concrete now costs about the same as old fashioned and inefficient wood stick framing. Quad-Lock's Insulated concrete forms or ICFs are ecologically sound polystyrene foam panels which are connected and stacked into the shape of the exterior and load bearing walls of a building, reinforced with steel rebar or Helix Micro-Rebar, and then filled with solid concrete. As a home or building owner, today’s higher energy and material costs make Insulated Concrete Forms construction the natural choice for new builds, especially when replacing weather damaged stick framed buildings. ICFs are now more affordable and the strongest option compared to any other building system on the market. 

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) provide the best living environment because you can quickly build ultra-efficient, more comfortable, quieter & safer building envelopes. ICFs for walls & floors/roofs form solid, steel reinforced high strength concrete buildings which stay in place to provide superior insulation, space to run utilities, and backing for finishes.

Higher energy costs have fuelled consumers’ heightened awareness of the need to build more responsibly. Recent destructive storms, fires, floods and earthquakes have helped to fuel the advancement in education about the durability benefits & tornado resistance of ICF buildings. Homes and Businesses represent a considerable investment of time, money and emotions - Building Sustainably, in every sense of the word, protects that investment and saves money and time - both now and in the future. 

There’s never been a more opportune time to Build Green, Sustainable and Affordable with Quad-Lock's superior ICF system and concrete.

Why My New Build in Oklahoma Will be Better with Quad-Lock ICF?

  • Build unlimited wall widths, many different insulation values, corners, angles, T-walls, columns, pilasters, and radius walls, using just a few standard components. 
  • Panels made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Ties made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) create a Concrete Form that accommodates vertical and horizontal Reinforcing Steel as required

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What are the Many Advantages of Building with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms? 

  • Adaptable - Simple to Build a fully insulated shell using Quad-Lock forms 
  • Affordable - Almost the same cost as Stick-Built 
  • Attractive - Unlimited Design and Finish choices 
  • Energy Efficient - Lower Energy Usage Saves Money Every Month 
  • Less Expensive Insurance - Superior Strength Means More Savings are typical with ICFs 
  • Warm & Quiet – By Design 
  • Fire & Earthquake Resistant - Protected by Steel Reinforced Concrete
  • Hurricane and Tornado Resistant 
  • Permanent - Durable and Low Maintenance 
  • Healthy - No Formaldehyde, Doesn’t Support Mold Growth, Nothing for Insects to Eat   
  • Earth-Friendly - Produced in the USA, Sustainable, Durable
  • Quality - Quad-Lock Building Systems is the Only North American ICF manufacturer that is ISO 9001 Certified 
Quad-Lock is ISO 9001 Certified!

Building with ICF and Concrete gives you the StrongestSafest and Most Energy Efficient Home - Period! We are the only Building in Oklahoma to Pay your Heating and Cooling costs for a Year to Prove it! Find out more about our "We Pay Your Heating and Cooling Costs for a Year" Program here...

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Quad-Deck Concrete Deck Forms for Floors, Roofs, Decks & Green Roof Construction

Quad-Deck Concrete Deck Forms for Floors, Roofs & DecksQuad-Deck uses patented technology to create an energy efficient and quality insulating concrete floor or roof system. Ideal for use in both commercial and residential construction, Quad-Deck combines the strength, security, and reliability of reinforced concrete with the energy efficiency, fast construction, and comfort of insulating concrete forms.

Each of the expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels are supported and reinforced with two integral steel beams molded into the product from end to end. The result is a self-supporting joist and deck forming system that provides the maximum strength of a reinforced concrete deck with a minimum of materials and labor. Contact us today to find out about using Quad-Deck for your next project.

Advantages for Owners:

Safe, Healthy, Quiet & Comfortable

  • More consistent indoor temperatures
  • Perfect for in-floor radiant heating
  • High STC ratings; deadens sound transmission
  • Minimized air infiltration - fewer allergens, improved indoor air quality
  • Inert materials: doesn’t support the growth of mold or mildew
  • Rated Fire Resistance (using ACI 216.1)
  • Not a food source for insects
  • Superior protection against disasters

Durable & Sustainable 

  • High R-Values (R-16 to R-33); Low U-Values (0.35 to 0.17)
  • Reduced HVAC requirements, heating and cooling costs
  • Thermal mass properties; ideal for passive solar designs
  • Lower life-cycle costs
  • Long-term building durability; life-cycle measured in centuries 

Advantages for Contractors & Architects: 

Fast & Flexible 

  • Light and easy to handle - no forms to be stripped
  • Delivered to site ready to install - pre-cut at factory to exact specifications
  • Self-reinforced forms - temporary shoring only every 6'
  • Available in thicknesses of 7" to 12½", up to 34' [10.3m] free spans (and more with additional EPS caps or post-tensioning)
  • Slab thickness from 1¾" to 6" [45mm to 152mm]
  • Easily integrates with the Quad-Lock ICF system  


  • Lighter structure; eliminates 50% of conventional shoring
  • Reduces floor mass dead load by up to 50%
  • Reduces structural requirements for foundations and walls 

Reduced Costs 

  • No site waste
  • Uses less concrete & steel compared to traditional concrete slab
  • Lower workers-comp due to lightweight forms

Quad-Deck Concrete Deck Forming System is Perfect for Green Roof Construction

A recent article in Concrete Business magazine by Quad-Lock's Douglas Bennion, describes why concrete deck forming systems are the solution for green roof construction.

Most ICF floor/roof systems ICF & Concrete Roof Systems Ideal for Supporting Green Roofs - Construction Business Magazine | ICF & More Oklahoma City OKrely on reinforced concrete T-beam design, employed for decades by structural engineers for support of our largest and heaviest structures, like bridges and parking garages. The ICF industry brings efficiency to both construction and operation of buildings by employing “one-way” reinforcing in suspended concrete floors and roofs. Traditional “flat-plate” suspended slabs are giving way to lighter, more efficient floor and roof structures where concrete and steel consumption are reduced 40 to 50 per cent by the “voided slab” design. Though extreme-ly lightweight, ICF floor and roof panels can sup-port crews and concrete during placement, and are typically supported by about half of the shoring used for traditional suspended forms.

Read the complete article from Construction Business magazine on ICF & Concrete Roof Systems for Green Roofs here...

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Quad-Lock ICF Product Images

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