Superior Alignment Systems ICF Bracing in Oklahoma

Superior Alignment Systems - the best ICF Alignment System to keep ICF walls straightSuperior Alignment System is the finest ICF wall bracing available on the market today for keeping ICF walls straight, plumb, and level for faster installations.

Superior Alignment's bracing system stacks in less than half the space of most units. The EX-120 ICF Wall Bracing only weighs 42 pounds and comes packed in a handy job site box. This box can be easily handled with a sky-track, skid-fork or high-low.

The Superior EX-120 ICF Wall Bracing is the most versatile ICF bracing system on the market today at a cost well below the competition. Imagine purchasing one bracing system that is capable of doing up-to 14’ tall walls without purchasing two separate expensive units.

Benefits of the EX-120 ICF Wall Bracing System:

  • Fast set up on wall
  • No pins, bolts, and/or wrenches needed (after initial assembly)
  • Medium duty scaffolding
  • Standard unit is 10’ tall (order any length up to 10’ to suit your needs)
  • Extendable to 14’ by purchasing optional extension (16 ft. available)
  • Weighs only 42# EX-120 & 35# FX-120
  • Working load 500# each
  • Minimal wall movement, fast adjustment by hand
  • Walk-plank attachment
  • Handrail bracket (post not included)
  • O.S.H.A compliant (meets or exceeds o.s.h.a requirements) 

Benefits of the Superior Alignment Systems EX-120 ICF Wall Bracing Systems for Oklahoma

Superior Alignment Systems - EX 120 ICF Bracing System

The Superior EX 120 ICF Wall Bracing comes as a package consisting of these three components:

Superior Alignment Systems EX 120 ICF Bracing System Lock Detail for ICF Walls in OklahomaPost: 10’ tall 12 ga. Galvanized stud with receptors for the tread bracket at every 8” allowing multiple height adjustments without the aid of bolts or pins. The post can also be used horizontally as a whaler when required to straighten any necessary wiggles over window openings. An ancillary post foot can be purchased to attach post base to footings or floors if necessary. The weight of this post is 18# and stacks in a minimal space as shown in the web site photos. With this system you will find you make half as many trips from the truck and or trailer to the project.

Turnbuckle: Epoxy powder coated square tube steel for maximum strength. This quick turn adjustable turnbuckle comes with Zinc plated feet and heads utilizing ¾ coil thread rod for minimal jamming. The pivoting foot is equipped with 4-holes for screwing to a deck and also a 7/8 diameter hole for use with a curb pin/nail The head attaches to the tread bracket with no bolts or pins. The turnbuckle is extendable from 7’ to 12’ and is known for its minimal turns to move your walls faster. A 4’ extension can be added at a later time or purchased separately with your initial order to extend the EX-120 to 14’. Again this can be done without the aid of pins or bolts with our same quick connect system.

Tread Bracket: Is 12 ga. Galvanized lightweight steel and attaches without the aid of pins or bolts. They store in a small space and can be transported to the site in groups of 5 in each hand making less trips in and out. This bracket has many features listed in the install guide.