Videos for Insulating Concrete Forms and Tornado Resistant Construction in Oklahoma

NewsOK: Tornado Safe Custom Home Building in Oklahoma Saves Money with Insulated Concrete Forms & More OKC

As reported on NewsOK - Daniel and ICF & More Oklahoma have proven time and time again, Custom home builders in Oklahoma and Northern Texas can build with ICF and reinforced Concrete to give their clients a Stronger, Safer Home at around the same cost as a flimsy stick built house, AND the homeowner benefits from significantly reduced cooling and heating costs, actually saving them money in the longer term. Insulated Concrete Forms & More, LLC is striving enthusiastically to make building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma a more accessible, affordable & Green method of construction. Through product awareness & education, we are helping Architects, Contractors & Homeowners across the Great state of Oklahoma to discover the many benefits of building their next project with Insulated Concrete Forms. 

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The Benefits of Building with Quad-Lock ICF

Find out why building with ICF & Concrete is the Better Building Choice - Stronger, Safer, Healthier, More Energy Efficient and Cost Less to own than wood-frame construction. Quad-Lock Building Systems manufactures the most innovative and flexible insulating concrete form building system on the market today.