Look What Our Customers Say About Building with ICF's & More in Oklahoma:

Find out what our customers are saying about the advantages of building with ICFs

Here are some quotes and comments from satisfied clients and people who now believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of building with Insulated Concrete Forms.

From Insulated Concrete Forms & More's customers to people all over the USA - the value of building with ICFs is clear! See what they have to say...

"When I'm building my home, I will definitely go with this company! The builder is responsible and knowledgeable about this futuristic method of building- very helpful!" 

Caroline K G from OK, Feb 2015 

"Thanks to the help I got from Daniel & the team at ICF & More I built it all by myself, other than help with the pour" 

Andrew S from OKC, Jan 2015

"Safer, stronger, healthier. Why live in a stick frame home? Build with Quad Lock ICF." 

J C K from OKC, Dec 2014

"It makes sense to build a safer stronger healthier home with Quad Lock ICF in Oklahoma" 

Chance N S from OKC, Jan 2014

"After building and living in an ICF house, I can say with 100 percent confidence that it was the right choice for our dream home. After 30 years in home construction, I will never go back to conventional built - ever!"

Barry Oberpriller, MA, 

Owner/Builder of Casa Del Sol - Award Winning ICF Net-Zero Home Project 

“The thermal mass and airtight construction achieved with the use of Quad-Lock ICF walls and Quad-Deck floors and roof, create a quiet & pleasant atmosphere all year round and that will last for decades to come.”

Kyle Dumbleton, AIA LEED Assoc. WI

Builder & Architect of the Hurry Back Home - Award Winning Sustainable Home/Office Project 

“At the beginning of this undertaking, I was convinced that it wouldn’t work, but in the end, I admit that we never would have been able to do this project without Quad-Lock.” 

Larry Treco, President CGT Construction, Nassau

General Contractor of the College of the Bahamas - Award Winning Hurricane Safe Library & Emergency Shelter 

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